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Romantic Relationships.

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You know, I’ve just been thinking about the nature of romantic relation-
ships . The
big picture is, of course, ultra-depressing, because it’s all about
spawning new life before we die.

But then, the big picture of almost everything is ultra-depressing, so
maybe that’s not the best way to look at it.

Then I was thinking about the prototypical male and female perspective
on sex, love, and romance. Men want to trick women into short term sex,
women want to ensnare men into a lifelong contract of exclusivity. It’s
more complicated than that, of course; these are just very broad brush

But then I was thinking about how you measure achievement in relation-
ships. If you do it very long term then it becomes hard to measure
whether you’ve reached your objectives in life, because sometimes there
are days when you can’t stand each other, there are days when you’ve
just so gotten used to each other that it’s nothing.

In the end it’s a little unfair to women, because they can only claim
success on the deathbed, whereas the achievement for the man, no matter
where the relationship goes in the future, is simply, “I tapped that.”


Written by ulrichschreglmann

April 4, 2010 at 1:06 am