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When have you last heard of an ism that’s good? Socialism, capitalism,
conservatism, progressivism, liberalism, libertarianism…

They all reek of dogma. The only isms you should go for is realism and
pragmatism, and that’s because those two aren’t exclusively and not
even predominantly political terms.

But isms blind you. They talk not of what is but present a platonic
ideal of what should be. That’s why I’m so opposed to striving for or
calling any system socialist or capitalist or anything. They blind you
when you run away from them and they blind you when you seek to come
close to one.

Sane people steer clear of political isms. Social, capital, conserva-
tive, progressive… Sometimes just cutting off the ism makes you look
at the ideas that they represent in a much more relative, pragmatic
fashion, learning that it depends on context whether they represent a
good tool to tackle a certain problem or not…


Written by ulrichschreglmann

April 18, 2010 at 2:34 pm

I wonder whether US descent into a dictatorship is unavoidable…

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I look at the political gridlock and the deep ideological division and
then I see historical examples from other countries and times and I
wonder whether what we see played out today may lead to an inevitable
power grab by an imperial executive, with all the parties contributing
to that eventual outcome, including those who warn about it and who
protest against it.

I mean, I look at other places that used to be established republics
or fledgling democracies, such as ancient Rome, France after the Revo-
lution, Germany after World War One, and I always see it played out
that way. Some crisis or shift in logistics makes things no longer
work the way they used to and power becomes shaky. There are those
who wish to adapt and then there are those who blame everything on the
people who wish to change things. Eventually the ideology that wishes
to return to a perceived golden age thinks that the only way to
achieve their goal is to stall everything until those foolish “revolu-
tionaries” in power relent.

So eventually nothing moves until someone comes along who cuts through
the deliberately entangled red tape like Alexander the Great through
the Gordian Knot. The problem is, such a knot-cutter is more likely
an authoritarian, totalitarian force rather than someone who would
then cede power to a committee again, which might return to the grid-
lock that went before anyway. If such a usurper is only mildly com-
petent then the situation might temporarily improve again under such
centralized rule, warming the people to the concept of more monarchic
form of leadership, not calling itself a kingdom, but essentially giv-
ing the head of state such powers.

And before you know it you’re suddenly an empire under a Caesar or a
Napoleon or, in the worst of cases, a Hitler or a Stalin.

All the signs point to a lot of people being ready for such a power
shift and the whole political climate sounds like a prelude to this
kind of change. I’m not saying it has to happen, but if it happens
this is the kind of time when it usually happens.

I wonder how it will all play out in the end…

Written by ulrichschreglmann

March 29, 2010 at 3:53 am

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It’s about faith, not facts, trust, not reason, tradition, not innovation…

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Progressivism is about making up your own mind. Conservatism is
about trusting in authority. Republicans can lie bigger because
they get away with it. It is a certain personality type of people
who are drawn to a conservative world view -- people who think
things are best the way they are, meaning others have already fig-
ured out the best way to do things. People who are mentally lazy
and wish to leave the thinking to others. People who don't like
fact-checking and rely on their gut instead.

The people who represent that portion of the population can there-
fore get away with bigger lies and that's why they lie more un-
ashamedly. If they are caught they can even utter the lie, "the
other side is just as disingenuous," and their followers are more
likely to believe them unreflectingly. They believe it because
they want to find reasons not to have to think and to take the
other side of the issue into account, and that's really all that
counts. It's all about wishful thinking. There is a reason why
the most staunchly religious people are naturally conservative.
It's about faith, not facts, trust, not reason, tradition, not

Written by ulrichschreglmann

March 20, 2010 at 2:19 am

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