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On Immortality and Suicide.

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In an infinite Universe the probability that there is a version of me
that survives, however physically unlikely that is, is always 100%.

How do we know the Universe is infinite? Well, we don’t. We can’t
prove it’s finite since there is no way of ever proving a margin we’ve
found is really the ultimate border. We can’t prove it’s infinite
since that could only be taken as proven after you’ve covered an in-
finite stretch within it, which there is by definition no end and
therefore no “after” to.

But we’re assuming the infinity of the Universe every moment through
our taking for granted that there are connections–cause and effect–
between the things we know and perceive and things without. Therefore
whenever we’re taking even the tiniest action we’re assuming that to
whatever set of the Universe we can perceive there is something out-
side that set connected causally, the consequent discovery and percep-
tion of which our actions will lead to. Inductively that means we do
indeed exist in an infinite Universe.

Mind you, we can never know whether cause and effect actually exist.
To find a causal justification for the assumption of cause and effect
we’d have to assume the existence of cause and effect first, natural-
ly. Any proof would therefore be a tautology. (“Why does it exist?”
“Because it does!” “Duh!”)

When someone commits suicide they’re acting on the assumption that
cause and effect exist and that their action will result in their
death. Well, in an infinite Universe it won’t. And if you do it
amateurishly the most likely outcomes might be ending up blind from
a headshot or paralyzed neck down from a jump off the roof. If you
do it in a way that you couldn’t possibly survive according to any
empirical laws recorded–well, no one knows what is going to happen
then. But I wouldn’t expect Heaven if I were you. Hell neither–no
intended one at least. Or being reunited with your late loved ones.
Those are indeed irrational assumptions, based neither on physical
evidence nor on the underlying philosophy of empiricism, supporting
the relevance and necessity of physical evidence for modeling the
world in the first place.

The only rationally acceptable condition for suicide is thus thinking
of the worst possible situation you could find yourself in and con-
cluding it can’t possibly be any worse than your current one. Other-
wise I recommend every death wisher to “Hamlet out.” (“Aye, there’s
the rub,” and all that.)


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March 29, 2010 at 4:13 am

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