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Would an introvert be happier living amongst intelligent machines rather than people?

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True, heavy machinery developed during the industrial revolution made
our lives physically a great deal easier in the long run. The infor-
mation age has been abolishing tedious brainwork for us in very much
the same way.

But you still need people for some things. And people still need to
tackle unpleasant chores in order to keep paradise going. But extrap-
olating past developments into the future, is there anywhere a time of
a truly conflict free society on the horizon in which such things as
faith, devotion, and zealotry are no longer needed?

Why do you still need people for certain tasks? It’s because the com-
puter is a relatively simple machine without emotions and desires.
Even that doesn’t make it a perfect, bug-free machine, as we all know.
For any intelligence, artificial or otherwise, to present us with liv-
ing conditions tailor-made for our OWN needs and desires, however, it
is necessary to at least emulate those within itself.

In other words, the machine, or agent, or whatever you may call it,
has to develop something like urges itself–urges that can be either
indulged in or remain unfulfilled, depending on the circumstances.
The ideal way to do this would be to simulate a person perfectly.
A perfect simulation would, however, be indistinguishable from the
real thing. It would think and feel and believe it’s the person be-
ing simulated in fact. And it would be the guinea pig everything is
thrown at to find out whether or not it would please the master.
(And I have a horrible feeling I’m one of them and that they forgot
to switch me off after things went haywire.)

Thus even relying solely on machines and believing oneself to have
fulfilled, finally, one’s own every whim, without any guilt or other
emotional ballast, is just another way of having successfully placed
oneself on top of the food chain. But in order for that position to
be occupied there must be an awful lot of suffering going on down be-
low, whether you realize it or not. (Most of ours lies on the micro-
scale of our organism and, of course, in all the failures of our evo-
lutionary past. Some of it, like and abatoirs and third world sweat-
shops, are of a less abstract nature.)


Written by ulrichschreglmann

March 29, 2010 at 4:01 am