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There is no rationally convincing way to suppose we could be immortal.

There is one beyond reason, however.

Because what is reasoning? Reasoning is the assumption of rules of
cause and effect along the string of which we can wander in order to
anticipate the outcome of something. It’s a cool tool of extrapola-

But what reason could there possibly be for reason itself? What
plausible cause could cause and effect have? Considering that there
can be no substantiating an idea by itself there can be none.

You cannot find a reason for reason without assuming that there is
reason in the first place. You cannot find a cause for the principle
of cause and effect. One prerequisite for finding a cause for some-
thing is the assumption of the principle of cause and effect in the
first place.

We can never know whether reason exists. The assumption of cause and
effect is the only one making sense, however. “Making sense” as in
“creating a model of what our senses are going to tell us.” If we
don’t assume the existence of logical constraints within our environ-
ment there is no sense in decisions or actions. Ultimately we can’t
help assuming reason anyway, as you can tell by the conditional mode
of the previous sentence, which was supposed to state something out-
side the rules of conditions.

Presuming that the existence of reasons is the only meaningful way to
look at the Universe, that the assumption of reasons for everything
outside itself is the only possible way of looking at things, we can
within that framework easily prove by induction that the Universe must
be infinite. However large a portion of it you take, it must have a
cause outside itself. The Universe is infinite in scope, infinite in

Within an infinite Universe anything, no matter how improbable, has to
happen somewhere, though. Only the logically impossible can’t happen.

What is the probability that our brain structures will form, just the
way they are within us now, somewhere else? Very, very low, but not
zero. That means in an infinite Universe a clone of me is materializ-
ing out of thin air right now somewhere. It would have exactly my
memories. It wouldn’t know where it is. It would, most probably,
feel wretched. But it would be alive. And it would think it used to
be me a moment ago, happily typing away.

Since you cannot experience your own death by definition this is what
is going to happen if there is no physically possible way of survival
left for you. You might wake up realizing all your life has been a
dream. Or that someone froze your head and revived it. Or that a
physical way of reincarnation has been found. Or you’ll be simply
confused, not knowing how you could possibly be still alive, despite
the fact that there is never, ever any alternative to life.

Written by ulrichschreglmann

March 29, 2010 at 2:23 am

Posted in immortality

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