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Getting Fit?

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Food is not the enemy, though. Inactivity is.

Neither is body mass. It’s what makes up the body mass that is the

I haven’t lost any weight since I seriously started at the gym. Ac-
tually I’ve gotten heavier. What I have lost, though, is waist size.
My belt is back to the innermost hole and my old jeans fit again.

What you should consider is spending a considerable amount of time
at the gym, burning lots of calories. That allows you to indulge in
more food. I mean, I just did 3,000kcal of cardio at the gym, and
that’s not even counting the weights I was carrying on the treadmill,
the stepper, and lifting while on the exercycle.

Three thousand calories, that’s six extra Big Macs. Not that I eat
Big Macs, but I could.

You do that by taking your video player with you, turning the gym
from a huge waste of time into quality time, like magic.

And when you do weight training and gain muscle mass that means you
burn more calories even when at rest, meaning you can eat even more.

Dieting is okay, though, when it comes to choosing what kind of food
you eat. If it contains more fat than proteins, don’t eat it! If
it contains lots of carbohydrates, only eat it because you’re work-
ing out like a fiend and you know you’re burning more than you’re
eating. That’s what I do.

Eat Subway subs and salad and salmon/trout and eggs on whole wheat
bread! And bananas and apples. And lentils; they’re cheap. Maybe
some low fat dairy products every now and then, such as buttermilk,
because calcium binds a certain amount of fat. Sometimes beans and
mushrooms. That’s my diet.

Written by ulrichschreglmann

March 29, 2010 at 4:41 am

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