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An Obvious Energy Source.

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I’m always on about solar energy and about the fact that
two billion times more sunlight passes the Earth right by than hits
the planet, that only a fraction of that could take care of all of
our present energy needs (if the infrastructure were atuned to it),
and why therefore something like a space elevator or just solar
power satellites would be such an important, paradigm-shifting de-

I think in the case of fundamentalists humanity’s extreme problems
with today’s state of human knowledge becomes most obvious, but the
problem is is far more widespread than that.

It is pretty much everyone who thinks that food grows in the super-
market and that gas magically appears at the gas station, whether
through the invisible hand of God or the invisible hand of the mar-
ket, who has the same problems in dealing with our present situa-
tion and the obvious solution to our most pressing problems…

Written by ulrichschreglmann

March 28, 2010 at 4:13 pm

Posted in Natural Energy

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